Hypnotic.Frames Videoart Selection from Oradea, Romania

hipnotic_2016 Project

Curated by Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas
International Videoart Event from Oradea, Romania

9 june – 6 july 2016

in collaboration with:
University of Oradea – Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Oradea, (Romania)
Visual Container, Milano (Italia)
Conflux Oradea (Romania)
The Museum of Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor, Oradea (Romania)

Artists: Corina Andor – Andrea Giurgiu Briscan – Attila Bende- Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas – Marian Codrea – Diana Kovacs – Fekete Tiberiu – Floarea Filipoiu – Rodica Indig – Mester Cantemir – Takacs Adam – Teofil Ioan Stiop

“New technologies have a special impact on our daily lives in any field. They are infinitely diverse in shape and content, swinging between translating the real space into a virtual one that finally gets contaminated with these subtle, invisible interferences
– This subtle contamination develops a multitude of information and suggestions that seem chaotic at first sight but, looking closer, they will reveal a complex mathematical algorithm.
– The illusion of the virtual spaces is also related to a series of real spatial shapes which can be translated into complex mathematical formulas like, for example, the relation between Pascal’s triangle and Fibonacci’s sequence.
Every number in this triangle represents the sum of the two numbers above. The triangle starts with number 1. Following this example, the 3D space can change into bidimensional and viceversa.
– The result will be a complex series of spatial or bidimensional shapes, colours can be translated into numbers, numbers into reality and optical illusion.
– Thus a continuous movement appears, that hypnotizes the viewer. Hypnosis makes him/her confuse real or virtual existent space with the imaginary shapes created by the optical illusion, the mathematical algorithm translated by the artist into image.
Mathematical conformism will not be considered a mere sterile convention refusing to acknowledge truth. The supreme condition of numbers is the reality lived consciously or unconsciously, transformed into a world of hypnotic mirages or into an abstract, calculated, conscious space. These two different but complementary aspects do not exclude the intimacy or the essence from the sphere of the universal valid truth.”
Curator ׃ Associate Professor Dr. Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilaș


Selected video:
Corina Andor – Transpanrency 2’49’’, 2015
Andrea Giurgiu Briscan – White dream 2’31’’, 2015
Attila Bende- Memento 3’52’’, 2015
Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas – Shadows 02’39”, 2013
Marian Codrea – Papercut 5’10’’, 2015
Diana Kovacs -Test Rorschach 3’24’’, 2015
Fekete Tiberiu – Vortex 2’20’’ 2015
Floarea Filipoiu – Album de familie 1’49’’, 2014
Rodica Indig – Speculum 3’58’’, 2015
Mester Cantemir- Persian Gryphon dream 02’48”, 2015
Takacs Adam – Broken glass 2’44’’, 2014
Teofil Ioan Stiop – Funny stuff 1’58’’, 2015



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