Angelina Voskopoulou – A star breath away, 5’11”, 2011


“Exogenesis Trilogy”

Silently floating in space, the illusion of her body gets liquefied into amorphous abstractions of deep purples and ethereal blues, piercing magentas and puzzling turquoises. At once radiant and opaque, she – a primordial force majeure – exists on both sides of the endless mirror of the universe.

A star breath away from eternity, her feet rest on the imaginary ground, for a brief moment that seems to last longer in an elegant dissolution of time. Through a supernova sauté, she invokes Chaos and instantly sways it away with her hair.

The seed from her left eye becomes the light and ignites the night…

“Exogenesis’’ is responsibly depicting energy, illuminated energy that moves freely inside the electrical field of the universe, interconnecting every Thing, holding and shaping the physical, the spiritual and the intellectual world, giving it life and movement. “Exogenesis” is all about the flash like a moment when light is about to define the form and prevail over darkness when the soul hidden inside everything is ready to emerge and identify with an idea that will give it its form. It attempts a visual presentation of that very moment at the very boundaries between the inner and the outer world, where all the contraries touch. It is an act of truce, an armistice and a resolution, in the sense that it represents, expresses and displays, in graceful movement and harmonic progression, “our life a permanent flow inside a steady time frame”. The alluring mystery of darkness versus the illuminated mystery of light, chaos versus order, the innumerable possibilities of synthesis, are all there, available material for man to use…


Angelina Voskopoulou lives in Athens, Greece. She is a graduate (BA with Distinction) in Fine Arts and Technology and also has a Masters degree in Digital Arts(University of the Arts London). She’s teaching at Athens cultural centre ( dipeap) Art and New Media. and she is also working on her own videos, as well as sculptures made from polyester. Some of her artwork over the past years has been focused on “˜minimal movement’. Her view regarding the power of is minimal has been reinforced by research, the application of ideas and the results from previous research.


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