Cristina Ohlmer + Stefan Reisinger /art vs film – ASTROBLACK, 17:48 2019


ASTROBLACK is an experimental sci-fi film based on a formal production technique to explore how the film industry deals with patterns of perception to get involved in a movie. ASTROBLACK escapes from her galaxy in an interstellar capsule. PLATINO is on her pursuit. ASTROBLACKs shifts to a megacity by the imagination of a gigantic glass egg. When they meet there the action freezes in the suspense of their face to face for the next…
by Cristina Ohlmer – Stefan Reisinger/ art vs film

For art vs. film, we combine formal and content-related aspects as an essential high-ranking role in both -artistic and cinematic thought and action. In film (Stefan Reisinger) we are interested in results according to formally professional production techniques (extraordinary camera/tracks and editing sequences) between fictional/surreal genres. The claim is a plot created by performance, in specially developed costumes and stages. For this goal artistic experiences of transformation and abstraction of the real are basic. We chose constellations that combine our vision with all dimensions of sensation in a cinematic process (image, location, atmosphere): The plot explores the way the film industry deals with patterns of meaning and perception – which have shaped our consciousness. In support, special selected locations and specific sounds carry the film on. The stories develop in conscious openness as input for our own “film in our heads”. The stories develop without words, supported by a matching sound design and in minimalist, self-structuring actions through the suggestive power of large images. In a flowing chain of associations, surprising film fantasies are set free: universal and immersive.

Distributed by Visualcontainer