Fran Orallo – re_brotes, 1:30, 2022


The title outbreaks come from the mental illness “schizophrenic outbreaks”. This disease is characterized, among other things, by auditory and visual hallucinations. Still, there are endless other “small” symptoms, such as confusion and duplicity, when it comes to an understanding one’s identity. In my work, | I deal with the identity of a confused individual. The audio is made up of a series of distorted whispers in order to reflect the auditory hallucinations that this type of patient suffers.


Fran Orallo (Badajoz, Spain 1979).

He lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied art at UPV, Valencia, Spain, and currently, he is studying New Media Art at the City of Glasgow College, Glasgow, Scotland. His work focuses on experimentation with video and animation, through the relationship between image and identity. He has exhibited his work both in Spain and abroad, participating in biennials, collective exhibitions, and festivals in more than 40 countries.