Oleksandr Isaienko – Void X, 9:44, 2014



In the virtual corridors of houses and flats, beside kips and crumpled beds, empty seats and chairs created the fictitious space of users and their communications. The basis for the project became the capture webcam social network and the men of different nationalities, geographical and age categories. Is it possible to be alone or to appear this way? Whether individual independence cause disembodied contact? Is social loneliness a temporary state of consciousness, or a cyclical and destructive system, including masturbation, sleeping, the search for new contacts and broadcasts? Is every next show becoming its own reflection looking?



Oleksandr Isaienko was born in 1976 in Izmail, UkrSSR. Ukrainian artist who works with various media, including photography, video, and text. Lives and works in Odesa, Ukraine.