Ian Haig – On a clear day you can see forever, 2:40, 2019



24-hour fake news coverage, no news presenters, no breaking news stories, no information, no in-studio interviews. All content is reduced to meat and the visceral human body. There remains an implicit link between the media landscape and our bodies, as we merge more and more with the electronic world. Everything now exists in a heightened state of simulation, from fake TV news broadcasts to fake human bodies. Nothing is real, everything is constructed.


Ian Haig’s work has been exhibited in galleries and video/media festivals around the world.
Including exhibitions at The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne; The Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne; Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Artec Biennale – Nagoya, Japan; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; China Millennium Monument Art Museum, Beijing; Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden-Rot, Germany; The Havana Biennial, Cuba.