Isabel Pérez del Pulgar – Taxonomia (replicantes), 3:56, 2020


A set of organs, a scaffolding of bones, a map of skin. Elements arranged in a more or less harmonious way construct a body. A representative, unquestionable, physical, meaty, identitary, nominative body. A body imprisoned, questioned, discarded, manipulated, possessed, instrumentalised, fragmented, invaded, used, denied, dispossessed……



Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
Born in Granada (Spain) with residence in France since 2015. In the mid-2000s she
adopted as a way of creating and expressing the video. Video as an experimentation vehicle, where the movement is combined, sound and pictorial vision. At the same time, performance is acquiring a greater presence as a means of work. The body is like the protagonist element and narrative driver. The architecture stressed the physicality of space-time. Her work as an artist in the fields of painting, photography, and especially his work in video art and short films, has been the object of numerous international exhibitions.