Katharina Gruzei – Dialogue I – IV, 9:45, 2008/09


Dialogue I – IV shows the communication between two people. The project focuses on creating a sketch of the intense exchange between two cultures by using the gaze as the main form of communication. Here “culture” does not mean a person’s origin but the unique cultivation that everyone experiences and makes people individuals.
Conflicts occur when multilayered cultural, emotional and personal experiences are communicated. The gaze plays a major role within this exchange and it becomes a universal language. The piece renounces verbal communication and introduces gestures instead. In aesthetic terms, the image transcends the borders between photography and film. Initially, it appears to be a photograph but upon closer observation, the picture starts to move and initiates the dialogue. Two people are sitting face to face and communicate with gestures that are used in daily life but could easily evade our perception.
In collaboration / Courtesy: Charim Galerie, Wien, AT.


Katharina Gruzei, Klagenfurt, Austria, 1983.
Katharina Gruzei works with photography, film, video, installations, media-performances, sound and objects. Working conceptually, she experiments between these disciplines and arrives at a unique crossover language.
Her field of interest is the use of media as a political as well as a sociological and cultural tool. She works on visual strategies to decode the construction and ideology of Imagery. This research starts from a single image and often ends up in archives. By using found footage she unfolds cultural history as a field of artistic research in which she introduces her own thoughts and statements. Her videos and photographs reveal a distinct interest in the border between still and moving image. Her visual language explores the potential of resistance and empowerment within artistic practice.
Gruzei also researches in field studies which she, later on, reconstructs in spatial installations that encompass sound, objects or whatever evolves from her exploration. Her work is exhibited in international contexts.

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