Art’s Birthday

Maschinenlärm und Metamorphosen

“Art’s Birthday”, launched in 1963 by Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, is celebrated annually as a homage to art around the world, and has also been at E-WERK for years. And how will the art birthday 2021 be celebrated? Without 1,000 guests. Without talks and drinks. Without strolling and enjoying. Instead, with an unusual online exhibition – and, as usual, with lots of artistic energy!

Thematically, Art’s Birthday, which is characterized by its hedonistic note, is more “philosophical” this time due to the occasion – but no less sensual and experimental. Based on the initial question: “What is the human being?”, The online exhibition “Machine Noise and Metamorphoses” revolves around topics such as “bare life”, human-machine symbiosis, hybridity, digital spaces and monstrous bodies …

At the entrance of the Sculpture Hall, the mysterious presenter (Laura Angelina Palacios, Theater Freiburg), who knows a lot about the art and the house, awaits you … The course leads through the different rooms of the cultural center – and it also goes through labyrinthine paths. Media art, installations and performances are presented.

A cooperation between E-WERK Freiburg and SWR2, media partner is szenik. In cooperation with the gallery for contemporary art in E-WERK on the occasion of Regionale21, curated by Heidi Brunnschweiler.

Concept, script and direction: Nicoletta Torcelli
Project management: Wolfgang Herbert
Camera, sound and editing: Behring Film & Klotz Media


The individual artistic positions

Acimo and DreamWave Visuals: Shadow Remix, audiovisual performance with Shadow Orchestra I

Cod.Act: πTon / 2, interactive installation (loan from House for Electronic Arts Basel)

Rana Hamadeh: The Destiny Project / The Soft-Measure Fables, Video (Courtesy Steirischer Herbst)

Emi Miyoshi: dance performance with installation πTon / 2

Stefan Panhans and Andrea Winkler: If You Tell Me When Your Birthday Is, Video / Machinima Version

Eleonora Roaro, Naked Lunch, Video (Courtesy VisualContainer Milano)

Max Philip Schmid, membrane, short film (free dealer film production Basel)

Peter Vogel: Schattenorchester I, interactive mechanical-electronic sound installation (Courtesy Peter Vogel Heritage) and others

Guests from the regional exhibition “Songs from the End of the World”:

Lea Torcelli in interaction with Inga K Bäumenuss, Phyto_Lotis (3031), 2020, multimedia installation and performance

Paula Mierzowksy and Johann Diel, Mudafi_In die Leere geht, 2020, installation, mental-acoustic session for one person

Daniel Dressel and Lynne Kouassi, Habitat, 2019, 2-channel video

Funded by Pro Helvetia, Cultural Office of the City of Freiburg and in the impulse program “Art despite a distance” of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.