The Other Side

Videoart project by Bob Georgeson
from 28th of January to 24th of February 2021

Angelina Voskopoulou, Artemis Skoulika & Vasiliki Nomidou (Greece) – Mati Pirsztuk (Argentina) – Tair Zargary (Israel) – Jacqueline Heeley & Philippe Faujas (Ireland) – Stephane Rizzi (France) – Alessandro Amaducci (Italy) – Timo Kahlen (Germany)- Anirban Dutta (India) – Domenico Barra (Italy) – Grau (USA) – Camille Pueyo (France) – Srijaa Kundu (India) – Becky Brown (USA) – Paulius Sliaupa (Lithuania) – Eric Souther (USA) – Elle Thorkveld (USA) – Mike Celona (USA) – Lucas Rebelo (Brazil)

VisualcontainerTV presents the latest international videoart project made by Bob Georgeson.
18 artists from 12 countries.

The Video List

Blurring the borders by Angelina Voskopoulou, Artemis Skoulika & Vasiliki Nomidou (Greece)

Locked Up by Mati Pirsztuk (Argentina)

One-Dimensional Duplex by Tair Zargary (Israel)

The Long Way Round by Jacqueline Heeley & Philippe Faujas (Ireland)

A Double Caprice At The Asylum by Stephane Rizzi (France)

Post Rebis by Alessandro Amaducci (Italy)

in medias res by Timo Kahlen (Germany)

Outside the Burning Ghats by Anirban Dutta (India)

Witness of Madness by Domenico Barra (Italy)

The History of Light by Grau (USA)

Trouble by Camille Pueyo (France)

living in an anomaly (a series of self-portraits) by Srijaa Kundu (India)

dark parts by Becky Brown (USA)

Blue night by Paulius Sliaupa (Lithuania)

Exponential Growth by Eric Souther (USA)

World Came In by Elle Thorkveld (USA)

Icarus – Into the Drink by Mike Celona (USA)

Ar perturbador by Lucas Rebelo (Brazil)