BridA, Slovenia

BridA Monography Slovenia
BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan
17th February – 18th March 2010

VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special Monography about BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan (SLO) on the first birthday of VisualcontainerTV.
From february09, VisualcontainerTv had hosted a lot of International videoart festival and International videoart project and monography, so VisualcontainerTv on his birthday is glad to presents a solo show about BridA, with a special first night of “Nanobug” 2010.

About the premiere of “Nanobug”
BridA / Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, 2010

For this video we used a special technique that gives the video a particularly dynamic feel, even if the characters are not moving. We can see and read the video like a comic. The only animation is the creation of the figures itself. The images are created by the sand and this is a tribute to the known physical property of nanoparticles called ‘self-assembly’.
The story is about a bald man who doesn’t have any arms.
He meets with a friend who recommends that he visit a Nano Lab where the nano scientist will help him. Using nanotechnology, the nano scientist makes the armless man’s dream a reality and he gets arms. He is really happy but the next day he is back to the Nano Lab asking for something more, he wants to surprise to his girlfriend with a new haircut! But something goes wrong and he comes out with six hands, like an insect.
His girlfriend gets scared and she runs away. Now he is sad and is asking himself what happened. The science and technology can help us to solve some problems and disease but misuse can end with undesirable effects.

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