Michal Brzezinski, Poland

Michal Brzezinski
Multimedia Artist, Poland

18th July – 1st September 2010
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VisualcontainerTV is glad to host one of the most interesting multimedia artist from Poland: Michal Brzezinski.

About Michal Brzezinski:
Michal Brzezinski, born in 1975, artist, theoretician, curator in Contemporary Art Center Laznia in Gdansk, author of Galeria NT. Graduate of film studies at the Media and Audiovisual Culture Department at the University of Lodz. MA thesis entitled Sub-ject, Body, Identity.
A Contribution to Cybercultural Anthropology completed in 2003. Specialising in visual media, including TV, DVD and the Internet. An organizer of video training workshops and author of a TV program devoted to video. His work combines the tradition of video art and experimental cinema and is a reflection on the phenomenon of identity in the world of new media.
His work was presented in Lodz Biennale 2006, Szczecin Festiwal Inspiracje 2008, Poznan: Biennale of Photography 2009, Jozef Robakowski’s Programme Polish Found Footage 1957?2004, at Rzeznia Miejska during the Second Art Fair in Poznan 2004, Lublin Art Gallery, Space-twotentwo Gallery in London as well as a part of Galeria Wymiany collection: New Video Energies at the Art Centre of Poznan and DVD -— new video energies at the Manhattan Gallery in Lodz.
Furthermore, his video was screened as part of Krzysztof Jurecki’s lectures held at Centre for Contemporary Arts “Laznia” in Gdansk, “Kont” Art Gallery in Lublin, “Wozownia” Art Gallery in Torun, Centre for Contemporary Arts “Zamek Ujazdowski” in Warsaw, to name a few.
A one-man screening of his work Peer Gynt took place at A. Rubinstein’s Concert Hall in Lodz. Other solo screenings were held at the Arsenal Art Gallery in Bialystok, “Bunkier Sztuki” Art Gallery in Cracow and Art Museum in Lodz.
Awarded the Ministry for Culture and the National Heritage Scholarship in 2008.


Pasja , 2006, 01:30
A visual interview with Google, The Search Engine.

Memory, 2003, 04:42
video based on the content of “Temporary Internet Files”

Drzewa, 2008, 05:21
using interlace as an effect to gain energy on the screen.

Influence, 2010, 24:15
very complex example of video-narration called by author video-cascade. This is kind of video is a way to stimulate process of forming identity by serious of flowing images that are forms for thoughts of viewer (water) and migration of the flexible nature of mind from one into another form will create kind of transcendental meditation when every single person can stay closer to inner nature, universal nature of life and its expression in ritual, religion and cultural context.

Landszaft a sprawa polska , 2005, 04:49
utilising analogy between train wheels and DV tape, the footage is captured indiscriminately, devoid of cultural interference on the part of the author. The result demonstrates a primary link between land and its inhabitants.

Rise, 2006, 02:02
a satirical glimpse into Polish romantic nature

Ideal logic, 2008, 09:42
one of the Palestinian activists has said to me: “Try to imagine Israel without conflict.”

Energetic angles, 2010, 03:41
computer is dreaming about lines and angles to open up the scope of our imagination