Celeste Prize – Video & Animation Finalist 2012

Celeste Prize – Video & Animation Finalist 2012
Finalist of Premio Celeste and Celeste Prize International
from 1 to 31 october 2012
only on VisualcontainerTV
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VisualcontainerTv is glad to present the 20 video finalists of Premio Celeste and Celeste Prize International organized by Celeste Network (Italy)

Premio Celeste finalists was chosen by the selection committee and Antonio Marras.

Simona Barzaghi – Métis
Fabrizio Bellomo – 32 December
Luther Blissett – Towns
Patrizia Bonardi – The immobility of tree
Federica Cogo – Untitle # 1
Mauro Falsini – Greetings from Pozzuoli
Armida Gandini – I move sleepwalking in the world (the white – The Challenge – Upside Down)
Ping Li – moto
Claudio Rivetti – Flashover
Stefano Scheda – untitled, video loop

Celeste Prize finalists were chosen by the selection committee and Katya Garcia-Anton.
Daniel Cerrejon – 5min Smile
Sophie Clements – There, After
Dina Danish – Type Sonata
Kara Hearn – One Thing After Another
Liesbeth Marit – One Way of Going
Trish Morrissey – Ave Maria Karaoke
Cristina Nunez – Someone to Love
Sabrina Osborne – Look Both Ways
Swoon – Disintegration Nation

About Celeste Network
Is an online network where artists and arts professionals from around the world share common interests in contemporary art, encourages new projects, and promotes ’artists’ work in a positive and active online community of like-minded individuals.

Celeste Network has 48.000 signed-up members and more than 8.000 visitors a day. It is a dynamic presence which enables artists and arts professionals to share experiences, knowledge and creativity within a global art community. 8.000 people visit Celeste Network every day, making it an invaluable opportunities for motor of contact, to receive and make criticism, being part of ongoing global promotion via a number of onsite activities and priority visualizations. Members benefit from global communications, word-of-web referrals Their works have archived and searched-for According to the most upto date methods of online research, as well as being alerted instantly working with others of similar interests and content around the world.
Celeste Network is a private initiative by Steven Music, founded in Italy in 2004.