Claudio Sinatti (I) Interview

Claudio Sinatti
Interview + Mono
4th June – 4th July 2009

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About the interview
Within its monographic section Special One, VisualContainerTv is proud to present the first of a long series of interviews to the chief protagonists of the world of video from the past to the current days. The opening
shot deals with one of the most important director in the Italian multimedia environment: Claudio Sinatti. Interviewed by Giorgio Fedeli, the president and critic of VisualContainer, Claudio is discussing some words relevant to his job and works from the origin to the latest production, which are in great demand within the international world of multimedia art, audiovisual communication and music video-clip. With the support of excerpts from his videos and shots of his technical creations, Claudio’s answers open up to his poetics: to his unfailing will to experiment and compare not only with the adult professional rules but also with the children’s powerful vision endowing the world with fantasy and amazement. The emotional dimension finally is the main character in the passionate speech by this multimedia protagonist, who keeps investigating technological equipment with the aim to find and offer an endless show of pure emotions and moods.
In concert with the interview, VisualContainerTv is more than happy to welcome for the very first time a representative selection from the different works by Claudio Sinatti.
by Giorgio Fedeli

Claudio Sinatti: director, multimedia artist.
Started as a graphic and graffiti artist in the early 90s, before moving to film and video. He started directing music promos in 1996 for Italian bands such as Casino Royale, Neffa, Carmen Consoli, Alex Britti, 99 Posse…
In 1999 he founded a collective for audio-visual experimentation that drew together videomakers, photographers, illustrators and musicians.
Since then he has explored the frontiers of live electronics and audio visual installations, constantly crossing between his personal artistic research and commercial projects.
He has collaborated with artists such as Christian Fennesz, Scanner, Stephan Mathieu and worked for brands such as Nike, BMW, Heineken, MTV…

Interview and translation curated by Giorgio Fedeli,
Audio Video Takes: Alessandra Ielo e Paolo de Matteis*
Editing: Alessandra Arnò
Organization: Alessandra Arnò
Support: *IED MILANO


A shaved Mint
Per mille giraffe
Carillon Radioland
Symbiosis Orchestra