23 December – 18 January 2010
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VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special monography and interview of Josien Vogelaar
In her project ‘Love Stories’ Josien Vogelaar (1968) explores with video animations, text and drawings the terms love, eroticism and sexuality.
Special One is the monography format of VisualcontainerTV videoart webtv.

Moreover we are glad to show the interview took at the last Vogelaar’s exhibition in Milan (Italy) at [.BOX] Videoart project space.
This interview is focused on Vogelaar’s artworks and artistic background.
Curated by: Giorgio Fedeli
Camera and editing: Matteo Simone
In collaboration with: ISFTH foundation and Streaming Festival The Hague.
Visualcontainer Production 2011

LOVE STORIES (2007-2009)
Moonflitting (also known as Selene & Endymion)
The assassination of Orpheus
The abduction of Europe
Bellmer Bilder
Lettre d’Amour
Beautiful Son
Being a Woman
Le boudoir rouge
A revengefull young man
Dirty love

A woman mourns for her lost lover in the melancholical animation ‘Troostmeisje’ (Soothing Song). A diabolical couple assaults a young man on the song ‘Dirty Love’ by Frank Zappa. In the animation ‘Being a Woman’ the artist describes her expectations that she had as a child of ‘womanhood’.
This search for the ‘female identity’ carries Vogelaar also along well-known and lesser known literary figures and mythical / fairy tale characters like O’ (from Histoire d’O by Pauline Réage), ‘Mermaid’ (Hans Christian
Andersens’ ‘little mermaid’) and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ (the Grimm brothers).
Some of these animations have been shown in 2009 in the Center for Visual Arts Amsterdam Southeast during the exhbition ‘Local Heroes # 1. On the wall of the exhibition center, Vogelaar made the charcoal
animation ‘O’.
Other animations like for instance ‘Mermaid’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Pinokkio’ and ‘the abduction of Europe’ were commissioned by a local tv station based in Rotterdam for a program about the European
Elections in 2009.
In 2010 Vogelaar made a DVD containing the animations and she had designed a additional booklet with texts and images. The whole project: booklet, animations and drawings were shown at C&H Art Space in
Amsterdam, a private gallery.

Love Stories by Josien Vogelaar, 62 pages, DVD, 4 editons of 15 copies (Edition I to IV), signed and numbered.
Graphic design: Roosje Klap and Soeraya Siemons
Post production and design DVD menu: Jeffrey Kroese
Text: Emily Kocken and Josien Vogelaar
For Info about the booklet contact:

Josien Vogelaar (1968, The Hague, the Netherlands)
Vogelaar studied Painting and Drawing at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam.
She started making short animation films from 2007.
Her films are screened at several exhibitions and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.