digital glue VVVresidency

VisualcontainerTv and Vegapunk present

from February 18th to March 18th

The exhibition presents artists exploring the practice of the video-trouvé as a tool to look at one’s own research through the eyes of others: a core topic to face nowadays where human interaction and perception of reality is continuously glitching within screen interfaces.

The exhibition borns in the frame of VVV Residency: a virtual space for critical reflection on the online video flux where five artists have been invited to browse and critically analyze free video libraries and online archives to merge the personal research with a pre-existing collective imaginary.

The video works can be considered as a result of digital conversation.
Conversations and editing that glues together artists’ personal practice to the web, via the exchange with the other artist in residency and the curators – in an open process that has been documented and nourished by the blog
The blog is a kind of shared diary of images, videos and references enlightening the visual link between the researches and the final video works.

Eleanor Banfield | Clara Begliardi Ghidini | Tilly Collins | Dasha Konovalova | Eve Williams

Alessandra Arnò | Simona Da Pozzo

Visualcontainer TV | Vegapunk | Arts University Bournemouth

Video List

Galaxian Green, Video, 1:53, 1920×1080, colour, stereo, Eleanor Banfield, 2021

Glasnost, video, 8:54, 640×480, color, stereo, Dasha Konovalova, 2021

Eat Sleep Work Die, Video, 1:22, 976 x 720, colour, stereo, Tilly Collins, 2021

Connect, video, 1:14, 1920×960, stereo, Eve Williams, 2021

Numb, video, 4:10, 640 x 480, stereo, Clara Begliardi Ghidini, 2021