A curatorial videoart project by David King (Australia)
from the 13th of July to the 20th of August 2021

Artists: Eduardo Makoszay Mayen (Mexico) – Luis Will Gama (Brazil)- Matt T. Helme (USA) – Pierre Ajavon (France) – Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia – Germany)- Wolfgang Lehmann (Sweden)- Apotropia (Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia – Italy) – Avant Kinema (Sarahjane Swan & Roger Siman – Scotland)

The Eclectic Dreams series began life as the Film and Video Art programs for the North Bellarine Film Festival in 2018 and 2019 and were originally screened in the foyer of the Potato Shed arts precinct in Drysdale, Victoria, Australia.
Now, Eclectic Dreams became an independent international program starting with the 2019 edition as Eclectic Dreams II.

From the philosophical depth and visual whizz-bangery of Eduardo Mayen’s Fold In Formation to the contemplative mood of Luiz Gama’s 3 Drops (reminding me of Bill Viola’s An Ocean Without A Shore), the jitterbugging lines in Matt Helme’s A Dance In the Dark, the unusual ‘mapping’ techniques of Volker Kuchelmeister’s Topography of the Unseen, the depixellated and degraded superimpositions of Wolfgang Lehmann’s Study V, the frenetic eye candy of Pierre Ajavon’s Cosmic Dream #1, the unexpectedly diverse ‘chapters’ of Apotropia’s Timepulse, and the emotional depth of Avant Kinema’s live performance with screened material in Ghost Worlds, there is always something to keep the senses surprised and the mind involved.
by David King


Curator’s Introduction – David King (Australia)
Fold In Formation – Eduardo Makoszay Mayen (Mexico)
3 Drops – Luis Will Gama (Brazil)
A Dance in the Dark – Matt T. Helme (USA)
Cosmic Dream – Pierre Ajavon (France)
Topography of the Unseen – Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia – Germany)
Study V – Wolfgang Lehmann (Sweden)
Timepulse – Apotropia (Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia – Italy)
Ghost Worlds – Avant Kinema (Sarahjane Swan & Roger Siman – Scotland)