ECOLOGY WITHOUT BORDERS.01, Now&After Festival Moscow, RU

Special selection from NOW&AFTER Festival Moscow, Russia
Curated by: Marina Fomenko
From 24 May to 27 June 2017
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Ecology studies interactions among organisms and their environment. In today’s world, the meaning of the term “ecology” has gone beyond the field of biology. Speaking about the ecology in a broad sense, we often have in mind the ethical component. Artists are interested in the complex relationship between humans and the environment, between humans and living creatures. They explore alienation from nature and merging with it; environmental pollution and maintenance of ecological balance.
International Video Art Festival Now&After has been held annually in Moscow since 2011. It is organized by independent nonprofit organization Media Art Centre Now&After. The festival is traditionally being held within a museum space, where during few weeks its program films are being demonstrated as a multi-channel video installation. In 2016 Now&After’16 was shown at the State Darwin Museum under the motto “Ecology without Borders”.Curated by Marina Fomenko

Luca Ferri, Tottori, 2014, 06:00
Nuno Manuel Pereira, Ana B., The Kingdom, 2013, 02:38
Natasha Dahnberg, Headache, 2016, 02:40
Lyuba Sautina, Plastic Flowers, 2016, 02:30
Marina Fomenko, Whence Winter Came to Us, 2012-2015, 4:30
Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, A Bus, 06:49
Pim Zwier, All What Is Somehow Useful, 2013, 07:38
Addoley Dzegede, The Crazies, 2014, 02:51
Dmitry Bulnygin, Neither Fish, nor Slaves, 2015, 05:00
Konstantin Krylovsky, A Letter to Lucy, 2016, 02:35

International Video Art Festival “Now&After” is organized and promoted by an independent non-profit organization Media Art Centre “Now&After”. It pursues activity in the field of culture, development of domestic interregional and international communications in the media art sphere.
International Video Art Festival “Now&After” is an annual event in Moscow, Russia.
“Now & After” started in 2011, the author of the project is Marina Fomenko. who is the festival’s founding director and curator.
“Now&After” focuses on the presentation, development and promotion both Russian and international video art, getting together emerging and established artists from around the world to present their works to general audience.
“Now&After” takes place at museums’ venues. Within a few weeks all festival’s videos are shown in an integrated space of a video installation. Addition to the total show, every day a new video of the festival’s program is presented as a video installation “Video Now”.

In 2011 – 2013 “Now&After” was held at Moscow Museum of Modern Art; in 2014 – at The State Museum of GULAG History, in 2015 – at The Schusev State Museum of Architecture.
The festival presents its programs both as screenings and exhibitions in Russia and abroad.