“FOR ALL” Iranian Videoart


Video Art selection from Videoartist – Iranian Videoart Platform
Curated by Fereshteh Alamshah
from 14 January to 17 February 2016

Artist always intends to impress their audience by sharing the enjoyment of seeing his artworks or by revealing his thought or inviting the audience to challenge.He makes a method to contact with audience through his idea. Online display is one of the achievements in technology in last decades that make it possible for artists to connect with his audience in an easiest and most comfortable way.
Because video art by itself is a technology so its benefit in art is lot.
Fereshteh Alamshah , JAN 2016

I have selected the art works in the collection of “For All” among young artists ‘works who attended in different “videoArtist” activities during 2015 and the way they use to present their art works tended to be seen by all group of people.
There are six works in this collection of artists:

Video Selected:

Atefe  Mahdiani – Save the earth, it’s for all, 00:01:49, 2015
Aria Farajnezhad – Social “movement’, 00:01:12, 2015
Hajar Komeili – Painting type narrative, 00:01:46, 2015
Rosa Golkhani – Self – Draw – Ning, 00:01:51, 2015
Elham Bateni – It’s been dripping, 00:03:00, 2015
Donya HAJIZADEH – Migration, 00:03:00, 2015

About Videoartist, Iran
VideoArtist was established in March 2012, with the centrality of Isfahan as a cyberspace where video art works of Iranian artists are shown. It presents eternal and impressive1 works of creative artists from a noble country and a space to develop and expand video art and video artists’ introduction.
“VideoArtist” is an online and permanent gallery in an unlimited cyberspace in which Iranian artists could present their artworks. This is an opportunity for communication among artists, curators, art experts, and critics, owners of galleries and museums who are interested in Iranian video art.
Individuals and groups visit the “VideoArtist”, so this website tries to introduce video art in the society more than ever.
This website as a cyberspace holds video art festival every two years interval named “VideoArtist” to identify young and talented artists, create a relationship between experienced artists and those who are interested, holding festivals and exhibitions.
Holding educational workshops and specialty exhibitions in other cities and presenting video art works in public places are some other activities of this website. Also this website creates relationship with other foreign video artist groups around the world and presents their works in exhibitions of Iran, or holds exhibitions of Iranian video art works in other countries.
“VideoArtist” is an independent movement. Since the beginning of 2014, its activity is under the legal responsibility of the research Institute, “Sepano”, with managing director by “Fereshte Alamshah”.
VideoArtist Founder and Manager : Fereshte Alamshah