Curated by Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Platform
From 5th of April to 8th of May 2019
Only on VisualcontainerTV

Artists: Debora Hirsch -Hwayong Jung – Matteo Pasin – Lucia Veronesi – Eleonora Roaro – Cristobal Catalan – Barbara Brugola – Rita Casdia – Silvia Camporesi – Mauro Folci – Iginio De Luca

Video art selection:
Debora Hirsch – ETIX, 1’33”, 2003
Hwayong Jung – Euphoria, 4’53”, 2014
Matteo Pasin – Weltanschauung, The world as will to representation, 5’50”, 2016
Lucia Veronesi – Out there, a big night of stars, 4’00”, 2016
Eleonora Roaro – 00:00:01:00, 2’00”, 2016
Cristobal Catalan – Res Nullius, 3’46”, 2014
Barbara Brugola – Loop, 8’38”, 2017
Rita Casdia – Animal, 3’20”, 2016
Silvia Camporesi – Secondo vento, 3’45”, 2010
Mauro Folci – Esodo/Exodus, 1’37”, 2011
Iginio De Luca – C6 H8 06, 2’01”, 2008

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