Márcia Beatriz Granero (Brazil) Monography

from the 9th of May to the 11th of June 2019
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VisualcontainerTv is proud to present Márcia Beatriz Granero’s Monography. A collection of 10 videoart pieces about the starring role and alter ego Jaque Jolene.

Jaque Jolene is a fictional entity who from time to time inhabits Márcia Beatriz Granero’s body. These impersonation performances result in videos, photographs and installations. In them, cinematic language is explored not in order to undermine the fallacies of cinematic constructions but as a device for investigation and presentation of their surroundings.

The series TRIP is comprised of three videos: Paulista, Campo, TV. The series is one of the first experiments in the artist’s production to merge the two predominant languages in videoart: cinema and performance. While initially a narrative affiliated to the genre of suspense is created from cinematographic clichés, in a second moment this is humorously deconstructed through performance and improvisation. Also including the artworks Despedida, Frisson, MUNDUM, these pieces investigate the construction of the starring role of Jaque Jolene and her intimacies.
The artist has also produced videoart on fictional construction in cultural spaces: Von Suttner Salad at the Pinacoteca of the state of São Paulo, Minada at Paço das Artes and Lacuna at the Tomie Ohtake Institut, all of then based in Brazil.

Marcia Beatriz currently participates in international residency programs. She travelled to Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom, producing a new body of work.


Video selection:

TRIP Campo
TRIP Paulista
Von Suttner Salad

Márcia Beatriz Granero is a Brazilian artist, independent producer and graduate of Belas Artes de São Paulo. Her videos have been screened and exhibited in over 50 cultural spaces and Festivals, such as: MOMus-State Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece), Sharjah Art Foundation,(United Arab Emirates), The Latino Video Art Festival of New York, Festival Fonlad International Videoart and Performance (Portugal), PROYECTOR Internacional Videoart (Spain), Simultan Festival (Romania), Bideodromo Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental (Spain), Oslo Screen International Video Art Festival (Norway), Fiva Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Argentina), International Video Festival Videomedeja (Serbia), Channels Video Art Festival (Australia), L’OEil d’Oodaaq (France), Miden Video Art Festival (Greece), Proyector Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Portugal and Italy).