LIQUID IMAGE Videoart from Oradea, Romania

LIQUID IMAGE Videoart from Oradea, Romania
from 11 september to 9 october 2013
only on VisualcontainerTV

VisualcontainerTv is glad to present LIQUID IMAGE, the Videoart project from Oradea – Romania, curated by Gabriela Diana Gavrilas University of Oradea –Faculty of Arts, Department of VisualArts and The Muzeul Tarii Crisurilor (Oradea, Romania)

The concept of “liquid image” is defined starting from the notion of flow that characterizes the water environment. It can be applied to contemporary artistic image in terms of both varieties of expression and the perspective of its relation to a more and more dynamic reality in the change and transformation process. In this respect, we can represent the contemporary image as having the same fluid properties as the liquid. We are referring to a type of image that, when lacking a pre-established shape, it is endowed with the flexibility to take the fixed shape of container, the receptacle, the context or the concept in which it is poured in or, as applicable, to dissolve the latter.

Moreover, the idea of liquidity, which places us in the financial record of social conventions, involves the same fluid dimension of the transformation of object reality. Thus, liquidity is included in our concept on one hand due to the transformation mechanism of monetary values into products and vice versa and, on the other hand, due to the way in which the economic dimension conditions and directs the image production that can be critically reported to.

Critical attitude aims to reshape the image, which is here in the state of subversive vector in relation to the economic receptacle that can coagulate the image in a unidirectional way according to its interests. In conclusion, the contemporary image thought of as a liquid image presents itself as a changing one, hard to spot and under constant reinvention.

The image designed like this can have an ideal interlink with the video art, a medium of expression that defines itself by the variety, reflection, flexibility and fluidity of the temporal succession of the images used. As a consequence, the purpose of the present project is to reveal images of different genres that can be gathered and assembled following the principles of interferences and imaginary jamming. The remodeling of reality by using the imaginary through strategies of decontextualization, formalization and aestheticization, aims at blurring too coarse inputs of the immediate reality.

Within liquid realities, the image has no predetermined outline. Space becomes melancholic as it neutralizes and mitigates the reality, changing it at will. The artist becomes a director who sometimes refuses discursiveness sometimes hiding the information provided by clear areas of image and some other times he enhances the functions of real image by overlaps, transparency and ambiguity. In this way, he makes way for a transition image, for a communication space that has often resulted in a hybrid representation. In its whole, the liquid image creates a complex meta-perspective that may include also the dimension of absurd which has as a consequence reality obliteration seen as arid informational clarity and thawing “the migration of shapes” by wrapping them in a “sensory experience”.

Curator Gabriela Diana Gavrilaş

Video Selected:

Rudolf Bone,
Mirror 1’22″, 2013
Game 1’13″, 2013

Dorina Bogdan,
Hypnosis 0’55″,2013

Andrei Curta,
Window knock 02′ 50″

Sorin Calota,
Liqid nr 5 5’01″,2013

Elod Izsák,
Reflux 01′ 12″

Gabriela Diana Gavrilas,
Shadows 02′ 39″,2013

Ollala Castro Rodriquez,
Tears Containers 01′ 43″,2013

Mihele Ioan,
Drip 01′ 55″,2013

Mihaela Tatulescu,
Chlorophylll 03′ 33″,2013

Szfura Alexandra Bella,
Norma Jeane Mortensen 03′ 27″,2013

Jeremy Newman,
Replete 01′ 00″,2013

Teofil Ioan Stiop,
Zebra 04′ 09″,2013