International Videoart Festival from Kalamata GREECE
Curators: Gioula Papadopoulou, Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos

6th October – 2nd November 2011
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VisualcontainerTv presents on ExhibitContainer – format dedicated to the most interesting international Videoart projects and festivals- MONOBALANCE, From FESTIVAL MIDEN International Videoart Festival from Kalamata, Greece.
Curated by: Gioula Papadopoulou, Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos.

The screening program MONOBALANCE was initially presented in Festival Miden 2011, last July in Kalamata, GR, and visualcontainerTV is pleased to host this selection for all lovers of videoart who follow us.
Join us!

Festival Miden*, the first Greek video art festival presented in open public spaces, is an annual video art & new media cultural event held in Kalamata, GR.
The festival is founded, organized and curated by a team of contemporary Greek artists, who are all linked with Kalamata since childhood. It is an independent organization, supported by Kalamata’s Historic Centre Organization, the Messinia Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Kalamata.
The main purpose of the festival is the free presentation, promotion and development of Greek and international video art and new media art, in times dominated and defined by “image” and “technology”, creating a new, alternative, peripheral meeting point for emerging and established video and media artists from Greece and all over the world.

Since 2005, Festival Miden has been gradually established as one of the most successful and interesting video art festivals in Greece and abroad and has been a significant point of cultural exchange for Greek, European and international video art.
Festival Miden has presented screening programs, exhibitions and collaborations all over Greece, while collaborating with various art groups, art schools, art spaces, organizations and other festivals in Greece and internationally.
(*Miden means “zero” in Greek)

“A butter cow for a Zen poem. Acrobatic balance exercises in a “cylindric cube”. A water spill runs through a city while life rolls smoothly. The calm charm of a boy moulding clay objects in a stroboscopic whirlwind of images. An unusual way to serve breakfast. Thrown bags that come to life drawing us to unexplored abandoned areas of the city -and the mind. Sisyphean repetitions of “it” and the “self”.
Unexpected explorations, explanations and interpretations of the world, acrobatic studies, balances of the mind and semiotic games on perception, vision, communication, post-modern culture and linguistics.
Endless references, metaphors and displacements in a selection regarding the sensitive equilibrium of human existence and the fluctuations of life. Like stepping on one leg…”
By: Gioula Papadopoulou, Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos.


Jun’ichiro ISHII, Butter Cow, Taiwan / France 2011, 6.28

Jennifer Ross, Caught in Mise en Scene, UK 2010, 3.35

Jonas Nilsson, Idiopathic, Sweden 2010, 3.20

Jacob Tonski, Balance Study, Threshold, USA 2008, 1.00

LIAO Chi-Yu, Mega-rich Breakfast, Taiwan 2010, 6.00

Sarah Buckius, …stacking…stacking…stacking…, USA 2009, 7.28

Gérard Cairaschi, Enchantment, France 2010, 6.35

Félix Fernandez, Ich allein auf fremde wegen, Spain / Germany 2011, 6.00

Kelly Oliver and Keary Rosen, Second Firing, USA 2010, 2.33

Tina Willgren, The Polymoids, Sweden 2010, 2.51

Albert Merino, The trace of salt, France 2010, 7.40