24° Les Instants Vidéo 2011, FRANCE

24° Les Instants Vidéo 2011
International Videoart Festival, Marseille (France)

Screening : Self reality & auto-fiction program
Curator: Marc Mercier (Festival’s Director)

3 – 30 Novembre 2011

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VisualcontainerTV want to share to all audiences the “official opening” of Les Instants Video 2011 on the web.

So, VisualcontainerTv presents on ExhibitContainer – format dedicated to the most interesting international Videoart projects and festivals- “Self reality & auto-fiction program”, from the 24 edition of Les Instas Video International Videoart Festival from Marseille, France.

About Les Instant Vidéo Festival
The festival Les Instants Vidéo (international video art and multimedia festival) wants to be a space/time where destinies come across each other, where new cartographies of creation can be woven, where new lines can be opened in direction to new comets…

Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques is a non-profit art organisation (association law 1901). It inherited from the Festival founded in 1988 in Manosque (Department of Alpes de Haute Provence). Since 2004, it is based in Marseille and cultivates nomadism. We are always looking for the encounters of publics and artists that we like to name the electronic poets.

Screening : Self reality & auto-fiction program
8 videos between experimental fiction and personnal thoughts on our modern way of living and the sensory perception of our always more dematerialized world.


Augmented (hyper)Reality: Augmented City 3D de Keiichi Matsuda (Japon, 2010 ) 2’46

Last Day of the Republic de Reynold Reynolds (USA/Allemagne, 2009) 8’50

La femme enfant de Diane Sara (France, 2011) 3’18


My window de Ananbela Costa (Portugal, 2010) 11’35 expérimental oui

Strange Place For Snow de Henna-Riikka Halonen (Finlande/GB, 2010) 9’30

The Corridor de Sarah Vanagt (Belgique, 2010) 6’45

Ich allein auf fremde wegen de Félix Fernández (Espagne, 2011) 6’