One Minute Vol. 1 – 9 Videoart Project (UK)

Still frame: How the air feels to the birds by Nick Jordan
One Minute
A project by Kerry Baldry (UK)
From 26th of July to 1st of September 2017
only on VisualcontainerTV


VisualcontainerTV is proud to present the result of 9 years of research in the contemporary videoart field by the artist and curator Kerry Baldry.
A variety of languages and visions collected in a kaleidoscopic selection about 39 videos.


Volumes 1 – 9 have been compiled over the last 9 years by artist Kerry Baldry and includes an eclectic range of work constrained within the time limit of one minute from artist/filmmakers at varying stages of their careers. These compilations have been screened worldwide and now on VIsualcontainerTV for all videoartlovers.


Artists: Martin Pickles, Alex Pearl, Steven Ball, Gordon Dawson, Michael Szpakowski, Virginia Hilyard, Lynn Loo, Nick Jordan, Claire Morales, Nicki Rolls, Kerry Baldry, Riccardo Iacono, Eva Rudlinger, Nicolas Herbert, Esther Johnson, Lumiere et Son / Sam Renseiw & Philip Sanderson, Katharine Meynell, Stuart Pound, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, John Smith, Anna Mortimer, Daniela Butsch, Guy Sherwin, Louisa Minkin, Grant Petrey, Rose Butler, Marty St. James, Olga Jurgenson, Paul Tarrago, The Gluts, Alexander Costello, Emily Richardson, Tony Hill, Chris Paul Daniels, Annabel Dover, Sana Ghobbeh, Paulo B. Menezes.


This is a small selection from the 9 Programmes:

Video selection
Knightmare by Martin Pickles
Dance by Alex Pearl
Over Magnetic Island by Steven Ball
Cloud Mime by Gordon Dawson
Blossom by Michael Szpakowski
Turn of the Century by Virginia Hilyard
Walk to station from work by Lynn Loo
How the air feels to the birds by Nick Jordan
X by Claire Morales
Sketch by Nicki Rolls
Punch by Kerry Baldry
Recess by Riccardo Iacono
Locus by Eva Rudlinger
No. 844 by Nicolas Herbert
Knitted Horse Firework by Sam Meech
Study In Light and Form no. 1 by Esther Johnson
Nutcracking by Lumiere et Son / Sam Renseiw & Philip Sanderson
Wading In The Water by Katharine Meynell
Mouse Descending a Staircase by Stuart Pound
Flora by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Gargantuan by John Smith
Tongue Twister by Anna Mortimer
One Minute biennale di venezia 2009 by Daniela Butsch
Optical Sound by Guy Sherwin
Iching by Louisa Minkin
Dark Flow by Grant Petrey
Box by Rose Butler
Upside Down World by Marty St. James
Proletarians of all the countries unite by Olga Jurgenson
Terror Panels by Paul Tarrago
GMNO by The Gluts
Artist vs drawing 1 by Alexander Costello
Over the Horizon by Emily Richardson
A Short History of the Wheel by Tony Hill
Remote Controller by Chris Paul Daniels
Atlas by Annabel Dover
Tehran, Beloved City by Sana Ghobbeh
Untitled by Kerry Baldry
Futuro imperfeto by Paulo B. Menezes


Kerry Baldry is an practising artist, filmmaker and curator. Over the last 9 years she has also been curating, compiling and organising screenings of artists moving image titled One Minute (volumes 1 -9).