OODAAQ Festival 2018 – International Videoart Festival, Rennes


OODAAQ Festival 2018
International Videoart festival – Rennes – St. Malo’
from 5th of June to 9th of july 2018
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Artists: Erre (FR) – Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri / Gianluca Abbate (IT) – Adrian Garcia Gomez (US) – Annaëlle Winand (BE) – Frederic Moffet (CA) – Zihrong Lu (TH)- Meike Redeker (DEU)- Dina Yanni (AT) – Lucia Veronesi (IT) – Thibault Jehanne (FR) – Giuseppe Spina (IT) – Diogo Vale (PO) – Natalia Behaine (CO) – Charles-André Coderre (CA) – Emma Roufs (CA) – Yuka Sato (JA)


VisualcontainerTV is proud to present 5 programs from the last edition of OODAAQ Festival held in Rennes and St. Malo.
L’Œil d’Oodaaq is a non-profit organization that stimulates research on video art, as well as other art forms that question contemporary imagery : photography, installation, drawing, painting, performance, new media. L’Œil d’Oodaaq defends nomadic and poetic images, and wishes to facilitate encounters between artists, public and art professionals.

Oodaaq is an island discovered northeast of Greenland in 1978. This bank of gravel and silt, longtime said to be the most northern emerged land on earth, is drifting and impossible to localize nowadays. Leading an existence somewhere between reality and imagination, the island of Oodaaq has become an image, far-off and utopian, inviting us to glance at the horizon in order to see it appear. It is on this inaccessible and invisible territory that we have settled our camp, in order to explore contemporary artistic creation. As nomadic inhabitants of Oodaaq, we are traveling the world throughout the year and form a collective of creators in constant evolution.



Video Programs:

1 : Mémoires d’oublis
– Memories of oblivion

The videos of this programme allude to past spaces and moments. They
appear in a distance, out of shape.
Image and sound are collective memory tools. By manipulating them, they
disclose an interpretation that remains always subjective.
Through time, our memories turn themselves into fragmentary visions and
senses. The artists face this duality, and they invite us to deconstruct
the illusion of a great History narrative.

Les petits outils – Emmanuel Piton (FR) – 2017 – 10’48
Shadows – Noémie Sjöberg (SE) – 2017 – 2’55
La fête nationale – Thibault Jehanne (FR) – 2017 – 4’04
Granular Film – Beirut – Charles-André Coderre (CA) – 2016 – 6’48
Hajar – Karou Calamy (NO/IR) – 2016 – 2’27
Le radeau de la joie – Alexandre Erre (FR) – 2017 – 13’32

2 : Plongée en humanité
-Dive into humanity
This programme invites the audience to explore the human soul -its
trouble, struggles, follies and joys. Each video accounts for a
particular moment in everyone’s life that can move, upset, or change
Misappropriation of TV shows or cinema films, video recording,
performances and animated films: they will not spare you from life
cycles. From growing up into adulthood, to living with someone; from
parties to revolution.
The human condition is at the very heart of this programme -in all its
complexities, and without an instruction manual. So take a deep dive
into humanity!

New World – Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri / Gianluca Abbate (IT) – 2017 – 3’40
Numb – Yuka Sato (JA) – 2016 – 7’40
Mikveh – Adrian Garcia Gomez (US) – 2016 – 5’30
Le bal – Annaëlle Winand (BE) – 2016 – 3’21
Fever Freaks – Frederic Moffet (CA) – 2017 – 8’18
MOBILESKETCHES-2yrs1day – Zihrong Lu (TH) – 2015-2017 – 3’50
The bridge – Meike Redeker (DEU)- 2015 – 4’
Cosmic Popsicle – Dina Yanni (AT) – 2017 – 8’

3 : Dé/constructions de paysages
-Landscapes de/constructions
The two videos belong to a long tradition of art works that chose the
landscape as a depiction subject. They place themselves in between an
impressionist view and a creation of imaginary landscapes.
Deconstruction, reconstruction: these videos do not hide the artist’s
interventions. Both of them manipulate the environments to give us new
points of view.

By sitting in the dark, all is clearer – Lucia Veronesi (IT) – 2017 – 4’
La cime du saule – Thibault Jehanne (FR)- 2017 – 2’10

4 : Murmures mouvants
-Moving murmurs
This video lounge invites you to take a break. It is a shelter, far from
the frantic rhythms of the world. In the shade of trees and stones,
these videos murmur the world around us. Like breathing paintings, they
whisper secret images to the corners of our eyes.

Impressio in-urbe – Giuseppe Spina (IT) – 2017 – 16’55
Blind Body (Corpo Cego) – Diogo Vale (PO) – 2016 – 14’45
El bosque en llamas – Natalia Behaine (CO) – 2017 – 11’35

5 : Sens et Réminiscences
This programme presents videos by Québec artists. Different shades of
colours, sounds and textures allow you to immerse yourself in a visual
and sensory experience.

Granular Film – Beirut – Charles-André Coderre (CA) – 2016 – 6’48
On breathing – Emma Roufs (CA)- 2017 – 3’03
Numb – Yuka Sato (JA) – 2016 – 7’40



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