OODAAQ International Videoart Festival, Rennes France

OODAAQ International Videoart Festival
BEST OF 2011
International Videoart Festival, Rennes, France
22 February to 29 March 2012
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VisualcontainerTv for the 3rd anniversary of the webtv is glad to presents the Best OF 2011 from OODAAQ Festival based in Rennes, France

Oodaaq is an island discovered in 1975 northeast of Greenland. This bank of gravel and silt, covered by several meters of ice, is said to be the most northern emerged land on earth.
It is on this inaccessible and invisible territory that we settled our camp, in order to explore contemporary artistic creation. The nomad inhabitants of Oodaaq are travelling the world and form a collective of creators in constant evolution.
Leading an existence somewhere between reality and imagination, the island of Oodaaq can be seen as a metaphor for video- and photographic images. Although their models are most of the time concrete and real, the image they produce of them is by definition artificial, immaterial, manipulated and manipulating. The gap between image and reality allows a poetic approach to our environment. www.loeildoodaaq.fr

The first Oodaaq Festival of poetic images took place from 5 to 14 May 2011 in Rennes, with exhibitons, screening nights, video windows, as well as performances and a video-bus. More than 80 artists came to exhibit, screen and perform their work in more than 15 places throughout the city of Rennes.The success of the first festival, with 3800 visitors, leads l’OEil d’Oodaaq to reconduct this human and artistic experience with the second edition of the festival in May 2012.

Video selection:
Nicolas Bergström Hansen & Valdemar Lindekratz Excavation n° 2 – 5’
Tieri Rivière – Firinga – 1’07
Céline Le Nezet – Homo bulla – 1’01
Thomas Daveluy – Port – 2’25
Floriane Davin – Berlin S42 – 1’
Mathieu Cortin – Dérive – 3’48
Simon Guiochet – Comprecion – 3’49
Tomas Stark & Marko Bandobranski – Sensation Guardian Happy Home – 5’39
Viktor Landström – Spirit – 1’40
Marion Brossard – Sans Titre – 4’31