WHITE CANVAS 5th Video Art Event by Oradea – Romania

5th Video Art Event by Oradea – Romania
Curated by Diana Gabriela Bohnstedt Gavrilas (Associate Professor and Director of the Department of Visual Arts, School of Art, University of Oradea, Romania)
from 16th October to 12th November 2014


In collaboration with :
University of Oradea –Visual Art Dept ( Romania)
Visual Container , Milan ( Italy),
Conflux Oradea ( Romania )
Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor Oradea ( Romania )


Selected Artists:
Elena Corina Andor (Romania), Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilaş (Romania), Alexandra Corondan (Romania), Fekete Tiberiu (Romania), Antal István(Hungary), Grupul Nancy Brücke (László Csernátony Lucas and Viktória Traub) (Hungary), Jeremy Newman (USA), Mariana Jurj (Romania), Mihele Georgeta & Mihele Ioan(Romania), Christa Membrandt (Netherland), Mihaela Tǎtulescu(Romania), Teofil Stiop (Romania)



In its attempt to move from the pictural canvas to the perfecting screen, the concept of White Canvas aims at applying a new frame: the idea of film-painting.
– The sequential and temporal dimension of the film image will be borrowed from the static feature of the painting ( and vice versa).
– The support issue brings along the problem of intensifying the virtual artistic content that will populate the screen as a consequence to the assumed artistic decision; this will endow the artistic act with an apparently unlimited freedom but will lso appeal to both abstract and sensorial reasoning.
-Video art as art manifesto explores the real mostly in a critical way, with its own means; it has as basic static support the place of the artist as related to the artistic object.
– Thus, the support issue brings into discussion the issue of the context of the artist’s perspective, a fact that leads to the introspective aspect of questioning the creative act. The virtual space, the white space of innocence, perfection, honesty, purity, neutrality, light and exactness will be contaminated by the personal aesthetic experiences expressed through his perspective.
The reason for discussing the concept of White Canvas is to propose video images that will open a whole new interrogative horizon for the viewer and where he stands in relation with the video art and the world to which this art is related.


Video Selection:

Elena Corina Andor (Romania) -Evaluation, 3’51″, 2014;

Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilaş (Romania) -Colour stripesi, 2’05″, 2014;

Alexandra Corondan (Romania) -Choises, 2’26″, 2013;

Fekete Tiberiu (Romania) – Contrary Timelines 2’09″, 2014;

Antal István (Hungary) – Evolution Civilization, 4’34″, 2014;

Grupul Nancy Brücke (László Csernátony Lucas and Viktória Traub) (Hungary) Popular_error_720, 2’10″, 2014; Televisiontower_720, 0’57″; Subway_line2_720, 1’14″

Jeremy Newman (USA)- Deluge, 1’00″, 2014; Specter 1’00″, 2014;

Mariana Jurj (Romania)- Metanoia, 0’49″, 2013;

Mihele Georgeta & Mihele Ioan Mihele The vote 0’58″, 2014;

Christa Membrandt (Netherland) -BLOEDVERWANTEN, 0’20″, 2014; RECONSTRUCTION XXX, 1’37″, 2014;

Mihaela Tǎtulescu -Lost 2’45″, 2014;

Teofil Stiop (Romania) & Ovidiu Iloc -The Coch 2’34″, 2014


Special Thanks to:

Prof. Dr. Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilas – Director of the Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Oradea.
Prof. Dr. Aurel Chiriac, Director of Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor ( Oradea , Romania)