WONDER Videocollage a curated by FemLink-Art

WONDER 24 artists/24 video/24 country
Videocollage curated by FemLink -Art – the International Video Artists Collective
Curator: Veronique Sapin (F) e C. M. Judge (Usa)
11.01.2018 – 13.02.2018

Artists: Ligia Bouton (Brasil) – Dagmar Kase (Estonia) – Laura García (México) – Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (Cuba) – Zuzanna Janin (Poland) – Vesna Bukovec (Slovenia) – Ayesha Sultana (Bangladesh) – Maria Papacharalambous (Cyprus) – Loes Heebink (Netherlands) – Véronique Sapin (France) – Amina ZOUBIR (ALGERIA) – Cagdas Kahriman (Turkey) – Patricija Gilyte (Lithuania) – C.M.Judge (USA) – Carolina Saquel (Chile) – Angelika Rinnhofer (Germany) – Alessandra Arnò (Italy) – Itziar Barrio (Spain) – Liang Wei (China) – Diana Yun (Kazakhstan) – Cecilia Vignolo (Uruguay) – Jelena Miskovic (Serbia) – Alena Kupcikova (Czech Republic) – Chantal du Pont (Québec – Canada)
Twenty-five FemLink artists were invited to create a video on the topic ” Wonder “. As with each new theme that FemLink proposes, artists are entirely free to interpret the theme as they wish. Their only instruction is to answer the question, ‘What does this topic mean for you?’.

“Wonder” presents a re-examination of the word and its possible interpretations from an artistic perspective which can reveal or glorify that which can escape us in the reality. What emerges from the 25 videos of the “collage”, it is that the wonderful fact is not wonderful in itself; rather, it is wonderful as it relates to its context of reality. The videos propose to us a “Wonder” which applies this relation to a reality whatever it is: the most ordinary and the most short-lived.

The artists explore their conception of this topic by many means. The first way is the evocation of universal elements by objects with simple and unpretentious processes. (WE WATCH YOU – Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, ROUND TRIP, Cagdas Kahriman, BLUE, Liang Wei, WONDER, Cecilia Vignolo, VISAGES, Chantal du Pont)
For some artists, the topic “Wonder” questions desire; it is an attitude, a conduct, and at the same time a thought (Sub-zero YOGASAN, Patricija Gilyte, DEEP WONDER, C.M.Judge, TRAVERSALS, Seema Nusrat).

Some other artists interpret the topic,Wonder, as delight and surprise as Platon defined it; according to this author, ” to be amazed ” (to thaumazein) is at the origin of the philosophy (Théétète 155d). Artists emphasizing the relationship between wonder and life are (WONDER BODY, Ligia Bouton (Brasil), GROWING PAINS, Angelika Rinnhofer, CIRCLE, Alessandra Arnò).
Certain realistic facts are transformed by the delight of the authors themselves. (THE REASON FOR HOPE, Véronique Sapin, WONDER, Maria Papacharalambous)
There is also a certain way of looking and of glorifying the daily life, the simple things, the “inframince” (WONDER, Ayesha Sultana; ORCHESTRAL JOURNEYS, Alena Kupcikova; THE GOLDEN HOUR, Loes Heebink; UNTITLED (CUERO), Carolina Saquel).

“Wonder” in the video collage also allows us to wonder anew: to reflect on that which is unexpected, unusual questions, not divested of critical faculties and nevertheless essential (YOU CAN DO IT !, Vesna Bukovec; GAME / HOSPITAL OF TRANSFIGURATION, Zuzanna Janin; IN WHAT WORLD DO YOU WANT TO BE BORN? Amina ZOUBIR; ASIAN DIKE, Diana Yun; SKILIFT, Jelena Miskovic; INCENDIO GARUDA (A necessary death), Laura García; KALEIDOSCOPE OF THE REAL, Dagmar Kase; KRYPTONITE, Itziar Barrio).

The videos included in the collage work as a polyphonic orchestra inviting us to better glimpse how the fundamental reality of “Wonder” can touch us personally, in the depths of our being.

Video Selection:

1 – WONDER BODY, Ligia Bouton (Brasil)
2 – KALEIDOSCOPE OF THE REAL, Dagmar Kase (Estonia)
3 – INCENDIO GARUDA (A necessary death), Laura García (Sibilademente) (México)
4 – WE WATCH YOU, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (Cuba)
6 – YOU CAN DO IT !, Vesna Bukovec (Slovenia)
7 – WONDER, Ayesha Sultana (Bangladesh)
8 – WONDER, Maria Papacharalambous (Cyprus)
9 – THE GOLDEN HOUR, Loes Heebink (Netherlands)
10 – THE REASON FOR HOPE, Véronique Sapin (France)
12 – ROUND TRIP, Cagdas Kahriman (Turkey)
13 – Sub-zero YOGASAN – vs. diseases of civilisation, Patricija Gilyte (Lithuania)
14 – DEEP WONDER, C.M.Judge (USA)
15 – UNTITLED (CUERO), Carolina Saquel (Chile)
16 – GROWING PAINS, Angelika Rinnhofer (Germany)
17 – CIRCLE, Alessandra Arnò (Italy)
18 – KRYPTONITE, Itziar Barrio (Spain)
19 – BLUE, Liang Wei (China)
20 – ASIAN DIKE, Diana Yun (Kazakhstan)
21 – WONDER, Cecilia Vignolo (Uruguay)
22 – SKILIFT, Jelena Miskovic (Serbia)
23 – ORCHESTRAL JOURNEYS, Alena Kupcikova (Czech Republic)
24 – VISAGES, Chantal du Pont (Québec – Canada)

About FemLink-Art
In 2005, the visual artist and curator Veronique Sapin (France) and the intermedia artist, C.M. Judge (USA) proposed the creation of common art-works which can include women-artists from every where in the world.

Every artist aspires to universality, but women were not allowed to do so for centuries; not only were they forbidden access to creation but also to training and teaching. Either female artists were overlooked by history or those who transgressed the rules were regarded as inferior and relegated to what was derogatorily called “female art.”

Today, many women feel still ostracized in too many parts of the world. As artists, they must be acknowledged – this forms a major component of the Femlink mission.
FemLink-Art = 149 women video-artists from 64 countries
10 topics = 10 videos-collages = more than 250 videos
Since 2006, the FemLink’s video-collages has been welcome by more than 130 Art-Centers, Museum, Galleries… from 43 countries.
Curators : Veronique Sapin and C. M. Judge