International Videoart Festival

Motion based collages reloaded

Curator: ISFTH Foundation

1st – 18th December 2011
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VisualcontainerTV wants to share the “official opening” of the 6° STREAMING FESTIVAL on the web.
VisualcontainerTv presents on ExhibitContainer – format dedicated to the most interesting international Videoart projects and festivals- “Motion based collages reloaded “, a special screening from the 6°edition of Streaming Festival – International Videoart Festival from The Hague, NL.

About Streaming Festival:
Contemporary videoculture, Sound and 2D programs in the 6th edition of the Streaming Festival from 1 to 18 December 2011.

The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audio-visual art from all over the world. This event takes place once a year on

The Streaming Festival is a non-profit project created to encourage the understanding of audio-visual art.
Naturally, the artists’ viewpoints differ from one another, whether in their subjects or in the way they created their work.
This edition aims to show a sample of that diverse contemporary videoculture while stressing the all-time significance of artistic development.
In addition to the many videos on display, this edition will première a whole new direction with the Sound and 2D programs.

“In the traditional collage different materials and sources are composed onto a surface, but in this case, into a single digital video. This program is based on films using found footage, multiple video-channels, paintings and photographs that are rearranged, cut and (re-)edited into a layered composition. Motion based collages offer the possibility to the artist to make a statement without the need for an explicit explanation of their rearrangement or intentions, as they are open to interpretation by comparing the different visual elements”
ISFTH Foundation

Motion based collages reloaded

Florentine Grelier – Ru, 2009
Fabienne Gotusso – Baby O #2, 2011
Pascale Guillon – Belleville, 2011
Przemek Wegrzyn – Black t, 2010
Fabio Scacchioli – From a land of ashes and mist, 2010
Tommaso Caverni – Deep Cuts #1, 2010
Krunoslav Pticar – Teletrope, 2011
Stefano Fanara – Alone, 2011
The Burning Fountain – Ride, 2010