Ana Beirut #3 Amar Sokhen, 4:50, 2021


Amar left Qartaba, her village, searching for a new home in the city. With a heavy heart, she chooses to bear witness to the wounds of the city she loves: Beirut.

ةثلاثلا ةقلحلا : نخسلا رمق
.ةنیدملا يف دیدج تیب نع ةثحاب اھتیرق ،ةبطرق رمق كرتت ت نأ رمق راتخت ،لقثم بلقب كون شا دھ ة عل حورج
توریب :بحت يتلا ةنیدملا


“Ana Beirut” is a series of experimental poetic portraits created by 9 Lebanese audiovisual artists exploring themselves and the city they live in: Beirut “Ana Beirut” is a series conceived & produced by Home of Cine-Jam within an intuitive film lab program conducted by Muriel Aboulrouss. Each artist is invited to create an episode of the series.