Francesca Bonfatti – Cercare Cercarsi, 3:23, 2018



A memory and an echo of the mysterious, delicate and changing female universe and its sentiment. It tells, through the use of loose verses, the search for the essence of the changing nature of a woman, who immerses herself in a tight monologue, with the nature that surrounds her. The woman appears impenetrable in its own essence, which one can try to understand and represent only if we approach it in the language of poetry: to the musicality of his free verses, to the cadenced rhythms, to the dissonant accents, to the structure metric, to bold metaphors.
Beyond the screen, the viewer is an invisible presence, evoked and consequently included as a counterpart, never neutral at all.



Francesca Bonfatti, in art Gelidelune, is a Visual Poet, Photographer and Video artist born in Rome (Italy) in 1970 and lives and works in (Venice/Italy).
She has a Fine Arts (Painting) degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
Her works have been selected for exhibitions and festivals in Italy and other countries.