Francesca Bonfatti – Flies (less skin), 3:57, 2021




The Video Flies (Less Skin) is inspired by Kafka’s literary work “The Metamorphosis”. It’s a painful reflection on the alienation of the human being and incommunicability. The protagonist of the performative piece is an imaginary character in mutation, with the appearance of a heroine out of a science fiction film of the 60s / 70s, covered with armour and epithelial stratifications endowed with alternative sensory pathways, who develops an aversion to the natural and social environment. This confusion will lead him to a more profound identity crisis. An opposite tension, satisfied by conflicting desires, has generated a short-circuit of the will: to find a way out, as would an insect imprisoned within the walls of a house, or to let oneself go to the paralysis of the will and free will?



Francesca Bonfatti, in art Gelidelune, is a Visual Poet, Photographer and Video artist born in Rome (Italy) in 1970 and lives and works in (Venice/Italy).
She has a Fine Arts (Painting) degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
Her works have been selected for exhibitions and festivals in Italy and other countries.