Lino Strangis – Ying Aoyun, 3’34”, 2009


In this videowork, Strangis refers to the DVD presenting the 2008 Olimpic Games in Pechino as a most meaningful subject with respect to the way China is currently introducing to the global scenery… By selecting some very short sequences that he calls “sensible interstices of the audiovisual product”, Strangis is re-editing one of the spectacular and magnificent choreographies by enhancing the features that most strikes him through multiplying and re-spacing devices: “I’ve always been impressed by this founding aspect of the Chinese culture which I feel both envy and fear for I envy their abilities in being a single corps but I also fear the loss of identity that this brings along.
I have kept my video within this bivalence, as expressed by a sountrack which is mysteriously hollow and contemplative at the same time”



Lino Strangis is a multimedia artist (video art, video installations and video sculptures, virtual realities, performances, 3D sculptures, video-sets, sound art) experimental musician and director (theatre, cinema, TV) born in Lamezia Terme on 19/01/1981, lives and works in Rome and Turin.

Already a multi-instrumentalist musician (acoustic, electroacoustic, electronic, self-built, digital instruments), graduated in Philosophy (Aesthetics), during his university studies, after having had his first beginnings in the field of painting and installations, he identifies the experimental audiovisual arts and search for intermediate as a favourite form of expression.
The digital multimedia artist mainly dedicated to semantic and formal research regarding experimental digital audiovisual composition in all its forms (from simple video-shooting to sophisticated 2 and 3-D animation techniques to virtual realities) also embracing fields such as video sculpture, sound art, photography, 2d and 3d synthesis image, electronic/digital music and experimental electroacoustics often creating multimedia installations in which these languages converge and intertwine in the search for today’s forms of Total Opera … Also active in the field of experimental theatre and performance multimedia since 2015 also creates virtual reality and immersive works through 360 ° viewers.



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