Andrea Dragov – Everyday Things, 5:00, 2022



While a boy and a girl are waiting at the train station another girl sits behind them.
The pair performs a backward arm movement which she misses and goes on to board a train. Left alone they engage in a dance exchange.
Reaching a bridge in the middle of an urban lake she realises the couple’s intention and rushes back to their meeting point.
Once there they face each other one by one as we gaze into their minds, where we see the members of the pair enclosed by colourful cages.
After the single girl manages to get to them, we see all three form a dance conversation before sitting on the same side of the bench, as a train passes behind them and the film ends.



Andrea Dragov is born in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 14, 1994. Graduated from Sofia University with a bachelor’s degree in Hungarian Studies. His director debut is his final project for Focus Screendance training programme.