The History

The wall of all the exhibitions, monographs, best from festivals and curatorial projects published on VisualcontainerTV since 2009

SHON KIM Monography

SHON KIM (South Korea/ US) Monography Experimental animationFrom the 1st of July to the 31st of July 2020 VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a selection about the South Korean Artist, Shon Kim. Selected video: Ceci n’est pas ceci – Theatrical Media – 6 m 43 s – 2011Lip service – Animation Performance – 2 m […]

Fran Orallo Monography

from the 1st of June to 30th of June 2020 VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a selection of 10 years’ video artworks about the Spanish artist, Fran Orallo.It’s a selection made by VisualcontainerTV to inspire the audiences to explore international artists’ research in the contemporary video art scenario. Selected Video The cocoon and the butterfly […]

Maria Korporal Monography

Selected Works 2008-2020from the 23rd of April to 31st of May 2020   VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special monograph selection about the multimedia artist Maria Korporal.Moreover, we are honored to present the premiere of the video artworks The First After-Corona Kiss for all the audiences of VisualcontainerTV. Selected Video: Passing By, 7:39, 2008The […]


INSCAPESVideo Art Miden Kalamata, Greececurated by: Gioula Papadopouloufrom the 12th of March to the 22nd of April 2020 VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special greek videoart selection made especially for all our audiences. Artists – Eleni Moustaka / Thomas Vallianatos / Sophia Liarou / Fenia Kotsopoulou / White Dog Films [Dimitris Papadopoulos] / Christina […]

Iginio De Luca Monography

Italian multimedia artistfrom the 3rd of February to the 11th of March 2020 VisualcontainerTV is glad to present one of the most original and ironic Italian artist, Iginio De Luca. Iginio De Luca is born in Formia (LT) Italy, on August 21, 1966, graduated in Painting in 1989 at the Academy of Fine Arts in […]

Camouflage #5

Camouflage is a project by VEGAPUNK and Marisol Malatesta (Spazio TILDE), Alessandra Arnò (VISUALCONTAINER) and Simona Da Pozzo (VEGAPUNK – EX Voto)realized in collaboration with Non Riservato, Ex-Voto, VisualContainer, Art University Bournemouth. from 11th December to 22th of January 2020only on VisualcontainerTV welcomes the new program dedicated to Academic video art production.Academy is the […]

32nd Instants Video (Marseille / France) 

FALLING DOWN – UPRISING Curator Marc Mercierfrom 8th of November to 10th of December 2019 Artist: Mahdi Falahati (Iran)/ Mohamed Ezzat Sayed (Egypt)/ Arit Emmanuela (GB)/ Mikio Saito (Japan)/Vasilis Karvounis (Greece)/ Mathias Choo (Singapore)/ Hamza Kırbas (Turkey)/ Mauricio Sanhueza (Perù)/ Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt – USA)/ Ehab Aziz (Egypt – Germany)/ Matthias Fritsch (Germany)/ Giovanny […]


INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL NOW&AFTER (RUSSIA)Curator: Marina Fomenko25 September – 25 October 2019 Artists: Vladimir Abikh (Russia) – Elena Artemenko (Russia) – Nastya Kuzmina – (Russia) – Suzie Léger, Katarina Csanyiova (Austria) – Lyoudmila Milanova, Steffi Lindner(Germany) – Anna Studinovskaya (Russia). Reality is an intuitively understood component of our life. It is a philosophical category, […]


from the 24th of July to the 24th of September 2019 VisualcontainerTV for the summertime presents the third edition of Bad Videoart Festival from Moscow. A selection of 2 hours focused on B-Videoart, as an unusual intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema (B-movies, cult, camp, trash). I Part (60’40″) Between Bad Cinema […]


from the 12th of June to the 23rd of July 2019Only on VisualcontainerTV A través de las diferentes obras se desarrolla una preocupación por la recreación de atmósferas pudiendo llegar a ser obsesivas y herméticas. A través de ellas se manifiestan la sorpresa en lo cotidiano, el juego del lenguaje o las constantes interferencias entre […]