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The wall of all the exhibitions, monographs, best from festivals and curatorial projects published on VisualcontainerTV since 2009

32nd Instants Video (Marseille / France) 

FALLING DOWN – UPRISING Curator Marc Mercierfrom 8th of November to 10th of December 2019 Artist: Mahdi Falahati (Iran)/ Mohamed Ezzat Sayed (Egypt)/ Arit Emmanuela (GB)/ Mikio Saito (Japan)/Vasilis Karvounis (Greece)/ Mathias Choo (Singapore)/ Hamza Kırbas (Turkey)/ Mauricio Sanhueza (Perù)/ Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt – USA)/ Ehab Aziz (Egypt – Germany)/ Matthias Fritsch (Germany)/ Giovanny […]


INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL NOW&AFTER (RUSSIA)Curator: Marina Fomenko25 September – 25 October 2019 Artists: Vladimir Abikh (Russia) – Elena Artemenko (Russia) – Nastya Kuzmina – (Russia) – Suzie Léger, Katarina Csanyiova (Austria) – Lyoudmila Milanova, Steffi Lindner(Germany) – Anna Studinovskaya (Russia). Reality is an intuitively understood component of our life. It is a philosophical category, […]


from the 24th of July to the 24th of September 2019 VisualcontainerTV for the summertime presents the third edition of Bad Videoart Festival from Moscow. A selection of 2 hours focused on B-Videoart, as an unusual intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema (B-movies, cult, camp, trash). I Part (60’40″) Between Bad Cinema […]


from the 12th of June to the 23rd of July 2019Only on VisualcontainerTV A través de las diferentes obras se desarrolla una preocupación por la recreación de atmósferas pudiendo llegar a ser obsesivas y herméticas. A través de ellas se manifiestan la sorpresa en lo cotidiano, el juego del lenguaje o las constantes interferencias entre […]

Márcia Beatriz Granero (Brazil) Monography

from the 9th of May to the 11th of June 2019 Only on VisualcontainerTV VisualcontainerTv is proud to present Márcia Beatriz Granero’s Monography. A collection of 10 videoart pieces about the starring role and alter ego Jaque Jolene. Jaque Jolene is a fictional entity who from time to time inhabits Márcia Beatriz Granero’s body. These […]


Curated by Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Platform From 5th of April to 8th of May 2019 Only on VisualcontainerTV Artists: Debora Hirsch -Hwayong Jung – Matteo Pasin – Lucia Veronesi – Eleonora Roaro – Cristobal Catalan – Barbara Brugola – Rita Casdia – Silvia Camporesi – Mauro Folci – Iginio De Luca Video art selection: […]

Videoartists IRAN

Videoartist Videoart selection from Isfahan, IranCurated by Fereshteh AlamshahFrom the 1st of March to 4rd of April 2019Only on VisualcontainerTV Artists: Reza Asgari – Ali Sharifi – Reza Alipanah and Raana Shokrollah – Shahireh Foroughi – Anahita Younesi – Arezoo Baghsheikhi – Mana Salehi – Mohsen Ahrari Video art selection:1- Breakfast On Olympus , by […]


Curated by Silvio De Gracia (Videoplay  – Argentina)from 24th January to 28th February 2019 Artists: Ana Montenegro & Maurizio Mancioli, Baggenstos-Rudolf, Carlos Martiel, Janaina Carrer, Simone Moraes, Zierle & Carter and Vason VisualcontainerTV welcomes the special south American’s selection focused on performance and the liquid environment made by Silvio De Gracia. Curatorial Statement Drifting bodies […]


Camouflage is a project by VEGAPUNK and Marisol Malatesta (Spazio TILDE ), Alessandra Arnò (VISUALCONTAINER) and Simona Da Pozzo (VEGAPUNK – EX Voto) realized in collaboration with Non Riservato, Ex-Voto, VisualContainer, Viafarini, Art University Bournemouth. only on VisualcontainerTV from 6th December to 23rd of January 2019 VisualcontainerTV welcome the new program dedicated to Academic video […]

HUMANS OF THE WORLD, CARESS! – 31th Les Instants Video Festival

HUMANS OF THE WORLD, CARESS! Programmation by the 31st Festival Les Instants Video (Marseilles) from 9th November to 5th of December 2018   Artists: Ameer Albassri (Irak) – Lena Schmidt (Allemagne) – Katarina Balunova (Slovaquie) – Richard Legaspi (Taïwan-Philippines) – Rafael Triana (Cuba – France) – Fran Orallo (Espagne / GB) – Nadia Hotait and Laila […]